No, we’re not dead

You read it all the time. Newspapers are dead. For all of those that wish that were true, here’s the real bulletin:

We’re not.

Yes, we’re changing. Yes, we’re adapting. Yes, we’re going through a tough time.

But dead? Please. give me some of what you’re smoking.

Newspapers are going through the same cycle that most American business go through. The railrods went through a period in which many thought they would die. They figured out how to survive. Remember the airlines in the 1970s? There was a great shakeout, but airlines are still here.

That’s what happening in the newspaper industry today. We’re shaking out. But we will survive. How? I’ll blog about that soon. Y0u’ll find that my blog posts are short and to the point. If anyone ever reads them, they’ll be able to get in and out real fast.


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