Blogging from NAA

Random thoughts: More details on later blogs

  • Tony Hsieh and sure have it right — company culture and customer service can make or break an organization. He told the crowd at the opening session: “Customer Service is not an expense — it’s a marketing cost.” I never thought of it that way, and I bet a lot of others haven’t, either.
  • E-readers are coming, and coming fast. Newspapers have a lot to figure out — how to reconfigure information so it displays properly, how to build ads, how to transition users from print to these new devices — and we’ve only started that discussion in small corners. This is a chance for the industry to change the business model, and we have to start planning now.
  • Technical problems at my session led to some interesting moments. But we improvised and got through it fine. Thanks to all who were patient with us.
  • There are a lot of smart people here. I would think that, together, we can cure what ails us.
  • $20 for a burger? $35 for fried rice? $4 for a cup of coffee? No wonder tourism is down. You can get here and stay here cheap, then have to live on McDonald’s or Subway.

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