Thoughts from NAA

  • Who knows what their online bounce rate is? What about keyword or entry page conversion rate? Do you know what your most popular site keywords are? Chances are you don’t, and that’s why most e-paper sites aren’t maximizing audience and revenue. We don’t understand the basics of search. Omniture gave a terrific session Tuesday morning that outlined how e-paper sites can take advantage of search. All the advice made sense, but in order to take full advantage of search, you’ll need someone who can learn the ins and outs. That requires a resource and some training, Don’t let the economy hold you back.
  • Le Echos in France publishes 10 daily digital editions. That’s where we need to go. Newspapers make the mistake of taking content and putting in online and on mobile, as if both distribution channels are the same. They’re different, with users who want different things, and we need to begin treating them as such.
  • How come we’re not taking advantage of all of the distribution channels available to us? Facebook? Linkedin? Twitter?
  • I got tired of the all-out insane prices at the Mandalay and walked over to New York, New York. They have a terrific food court that included a New York pizza place and deli. $4 for a huge slice that was enough to fill me up, but I couldn’t pass up the $3.50 foot long dog. The $7.50 I spent on dinner wouldn’t have gotten me an appetizer at the Mandalay.
  • Flying back Thursday. May not blog until Friday. Cheers

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