Sense and Sensibility

For the next few weeks, the Star Tribune won’t make all of its content available online, holding back certain investigative and longer print pieces as “print exclusives.” The newspaper has also asked AP not to distribute those pieces to other media outlets until their readers have had a chance to read the stories first.

Bravo. Media companies need to take the step of differentiating their content across all of their different platforms. Newspapers users want those long, investigative pieces in the Sunday paper. But online, they want breaking news and updates; on mobile, they want breaking news in 140 characters or less; and who knows what they’ll want on the new e-readers that will be wildey available next year

There’s really no reason newspapers have to put everything in print online. Give users what they want, when they want it, and how they want it, and we’ll be much better off.

Here’s the Star Tribune editorial that looks at their decisions more closely:


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