Crunching the competition?

If you haven’t been paying attention to Crunchpad, it’s time to start. There’s a lot going on in the e-reader space, with serveral companies unveiling e-readers for books, text books, newspapers and magazines.  The tech world is abuzz, wondering if Apple will make some game-changing announcement as early as June 8 at the World Wide Developers Conference.

Crucnhpad has been making slow, steady progress on a laptop that users can easily hold in their lap, use as a e-reader, at a cost that’s far less than most other e-readers, PCs, andnetbooks on the market. Crunchpad gurus want the device to sell for no more than $299. Crunchpad expects to make an announcement about its product and availability in July.

Less than $300 for a computer that’s bigger than most netbooks and delivers information wirelessly and in color? Maybe it is a pipe dream. But Crunchpad’s advances  point out that technology is changing so rapidly that publishers run the risk of waiting until the dust settles. Just as e-readers have been all the rage for several months, Crunchpad — and whatever announcement Apple decides to make — could upset the apple cart.

Here’s hoping publishers don’t wait. Here’s hoping they quickly make a choice, figure out how that choice works best for their customerss, and create an environment that allows staff to change course when — not if — something better comes along. This is a time for aggressive action, not indecision.

The opinion on this blog is mine alone.


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