Passing us by?

Is it possible that e-readers may be obselete before they’re even launched?

Amazon has, apparently, been fairly succesful with its Kindle brand (though Amazon doesn’t release sales figures). Sony’s e-reader appears to also be fairly successful, and IRex is making waves in Europe. IRex has also promised a color e-reader by 2011.

But check out what the competition is bringing. I blogged about Crunchpad in my previous blog.  JoinTech, a seven-inch reader, also looks very promising. These readers offer the combination of web access, reading and color that the current crop of e-readers do not — and they’re promising to offer their devices cheaper.

One thing everyone needs to be aware of: the technology is evolving very rapdily. It may be time to take a deep breathe and not get excited about the next  big thing, since that big thing could be obsolete before it’s launched.

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