Size matters

I’m back after a little hiatus!

MediaPost recently reported that 37 sites are ready to implement the newest ad sizes implemented by the Online Publishers Association.  These are bigger, badder, in-your-face ads that scream LOOK AT ME. These behemoths chew up huge portions of the online space.  Among the ad sizes: The Fixed Panel (336 wide x 700 tall), which stays on the screen as a user scrolls up or down the page.

No surprise, but the naysayers are out, claiming that these newer ad units will kill audience. Users don’t want to be bothered with annoying ads anyway, and these bigger units will send them fleeing to …. websites without these bigger units.

Nonsense, I say. These bigger units aren’t going to drive users away. I’m convinced that, if done properly, users won’t mind them at all. The right creative can make these ads entertaining, so much so that they can attract a user’s eye. I don’t think gigantic static ads will do much; the right creative will make the difference.

From a more practical perspective, newspaper web sites need the money. News organizations are, by in large, giving away their content free. We need to remind our users that in exchange for free, there comes a small price — we ask that you view the ads and, hopefully, buy something from the advertiser. What would a user do — pay to read a story or look at a well done piece of creative?

I say, the more intrusive, the better.

The views expressed on this blog are mine alone.


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