No threat to Kindle — yet

There’s been a lot of buzz in the e-reader industry about the soon-to-be released Sony e-readers. They’ll be much cheaper than Amazon’s Kindle — news reports put the five-inch reader at $199 and the six-inch reader at about $299. Kindles range in price from $299 for the Kindle II to $489 for the DX.

The new Sony offerings, and what appears to be a more attractive price on the front end, have some believing they’ll be an immediate threat to Kindle.

Only problem is, those who think that are missing one very important point: the new Sonys, according to these reports, don’t have wireless. Kindle does. That’s a huge difference maker.

Users don’t want to be bothered with hooking their reader up to a PC and downloading books and other reading material. If a story of interest breaks, they want to be able to get the information they want from their most trusted source fast. With the Sony e-readers, you can’t do that. Now, true, if you’re a book reader, the lack of wireless may not be that big of a deal. But I don’t think users are going to want to buy one device strictly for books, and another device  for their other media needs. They’ll want one device that can do it all, and, so far that means the Kindle DX — until Crunchpad, Dell and Apple release their own tablets and readers later this year or early next.

When those companies get in the game with lower-cost wireless devices, that’s when Amazon will have to worry.

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