Nuts on a good day

Could digital media result in tearing our country apart? When you throw in Fox News, the answer is clearly yes.

The advent of digital media — online, mobile phones, the coming e-readers — was supposed to herald an era of informed opinion (which l not be confused with journalism).  It was supposed to result in a reasoned discourse between intelligent pontificators with divergent views who could debate tough topics and give the public additional points of view. Through this, we would be a more thoughtful society that could reasonably see each others points of view, work to resolve differences, or at worst, agree to disagree.

But what’s going on? The nuts are out in full force, and it’s not harming reasonable debate, it’s killing it.

Just in the last few weeks:

Glenn Beck said that the President of the United States has a “deep seated hatred for white people.” The ratings on his cable TV show immediately shot up.

Rush Limbaugh has jumped into the race baiting, claiming that it’s open season on white people in Obama’s America

Joe Wilson disrupts a Presidential address by yelling, “You Lie,”  a blatant act of disrespect from the  House floor his colleagues admitted they’d never seen before.

Talk show hosts and bloggers have whipped their listeners in such a frenzy that they show up at rallies frothing at the month, carrying signs that portray Obama as Hitler. Some of the protestors show up wearing guns because it’s “their right.”

I could go on and on. But I won’t.

This is clearly race related. It’s a segment of society attempting to demean a President who does not look like them,  in hopes they can get him out of office in four years. And the digital media has given them a medium that makes it easy to hear their voices. And, unfortuntely, when the noise reaches a fever pitch, the mainstream media reports what’sw going on.

What’s happening today is the complete fault of digital media, and the owners of the companies that allow demagoguery for the sake of profit.  Just as the purveyors of hate should be held responsible, so should those who sign their paychecks.

The nuts have had their turn. It’s time for the 99 percent of responsible people in America to say enough. And it’s time for the bosses who allow such behavior to say stop. Otherwise, someone the nuts have encouraged will do something that will make us see digital media as an enemy, and not as a medium for real debate.

The opinions expressed on this blog are mine alone.


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