Where the jobs are

It’s very true that traditional, large media isn’t hiring much. Jobs at the country’s largest properties are disappearing at a faster rate than the poounds on the Biggest Loser.

But that doesn’t mean that journalism jobs are dead. And it does mean a shift in where journalists ply their trade.

The New York Times is widely regarded as having the largest journalistic force in the country, with roughly 1,150 reporters and editors. Only thing is, that may not be right. AOL has more than 3,000 journalists, and it’s not the only new media company trying to get into content game. Yahoo and ESPN are elbowing their way into sports journalism, taking some of the nation’s top talent and turning them into celebrities.

The good news: this means jobs for journalists. The bad news: This puts more pressure on traditional media that continues to struggle in an economic downturn.

The bottom line: When looking for a job in journalism, look beyond tradition.

The views expressed on this blog are mine alone.



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