It’s starting

Samsung has announced it will release its 7-inch Galaxy tablet September  2, first in Europe and then in the U.S. shortly thereafter. This  development signals the real start of the Android tablet invasion.  (Sorry Joo-Joo and
Augen; while they and other Chinese knockoffs are  already available, they haven’t captured the buying public in any  meaningful way.)

Before the end of the year, Motorola, Toshiba, HTC, Notion Ink and Asus  should all have Android tablets available. Media reports say HP will be  out Q1 2011. Will any of these challenge the iPad? I think it’s unlikely  that any one,
single device will unseat Apple. But, look for the  totality of Android devices to out sell the iPad within a year.

Why? Shear numbers. There will be at least a dozen Android tablets on  the market within six months, and their combined sales should overtake  Apple. Of course, Apple will do what it always does — adjust to market  conditions in an attempt to keep its product at the top of the heap.

Interesting times ahead.


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