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If you haven’t heard of Lodsys pay attention. This is the company that owns the patent behind in-app purchasing on the iPad.  Lodsys says it’s granted Apple rights to use the technology but has not extended that to app developers.

S0: Lodsys says developers that don’t have a license can’t use the in-app payment system. Lodsys has started filing lawsuits in an effort to force developers to either license or pay for the service.

There’s lots online about this dust up that’s more than a dust up. If developers have to begin paying for the right to use the software that powers in-app purchasing, and then has to give Apple 30% on top of that, how long before the app economic model starts to dry up and collapses? This certainly is one to watch.

Time, Inc., has announced that it has reached an agreement, with Apple,  that allows Time to give its iPad app to its subscribers free. That’s a marked contrast to earlier Apple guidelines that insisted no publisher could give the app away as an inducement to purchase a subscription.

Time issued a release that explained the arrangement; Apple had no comment.

And that silence leads to two big questions:

  • Will other magazine publishers get the same deal?
  • Will other newspaper publishers get the same deal?

No one knows. Stay tuned.